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All you ever wanted to know about direct mail but were afraid to ask There are so many different ways to produce a direct mail campaign. It is one of the most confusing projects in the print industry. Some basics that you need to understand that will help you in the long run. Postage: There are 3 primary levels of postage that you probably already know, or have heard of: They are: First Class:  For letters and postcards: 1-4 days in the mail stream Will always be delivered to someone: Either the target address, or the return address Pre-Sorted First Class: For letters and postcards: 1-4 days in the mail stream Will always be delivered to someone: Either the target address, or the return address. Standard Mail: For letters and postcards that you are doing a mass mailing to a large list. The difference between First Class and Pre Sorted first class mail: A letter in the mail stream cost $.46 cents to mail first class. It takes 1-4 days to reach the target, or it will be sent back to the sender*. This is important if you are mailing to a list that you want to maintain, and keep acurate. Pre Sorted first class mail will cost between $.34-$.39 per piece to mail. The reason is because as a mail house, we will CASS Certify the database, and verify the database with the National Change of Address database to see if the target address is acurate. The mailhouse will also print the address with the appropriate barcodes to make the Post Office job easier. A Pre sorted piece will still be delivered within 1-4 days either to the target or the sender.                  Now you ask: I always want to use Pre Sorted mail. Well there are rules: There must be at least 200 pieces. The database must be verified: NCOA, and CASS Certified. The barcode must be printed on the piece correctly. All of this is easily achieved. It does cost money. For instance: If you are mailing 200 pieces here is the math: 200 * .46 = $92.00 for First Class Mail.   Total cost:  $92.00 200 * .37 = $74.00 for Pre Sorted First Class: CASS Certify & NCOA Database: Min charge: $25.00 (up to 500 pieces) Total Cost: $ 74.00 + 25.00 = $$99.00 Total cost: $99.00      It does not make sence to save the .09 cents postage price on smaller mailings. The time to start with Pre Sorted first class is when you are mailing over 2500 pieces. Some other rules of interes: You cannot mail presorted mail if you are collecting money. They must be first class postage. There are so many different rules regarding postage that it truely makes send to choose a mailhouse that is well versed in the mail world. They can save you the most money, and help you get the best results out of your mail campaign. Call us to learn more. We can help you understand the world of the Post Office.
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